Ourvets is a multi-location practice, where each veterinarian’s area of expertise fits together to create an extensive portfolio of veterinary skills and knowledge.

We love our own pets as much as you love yours. If you want the best care for your pet you have come to the right place.

Ourvets offer a wide range of preventative medical services such as vaccinations, nutrition and puppy playschool. We do both routine and advanced surgeries. Our well equipped central hospital has in-house laboratory, digital xray, ultrasonography, CT scanner and emergency and critical care equipment. This enables us to diagnose and treat complex and critically ill pets. Accepting referral patients from all over the South Island for advanced imaging and surgery, we also enjoy a close working relationship with other referral practices should your pet need this. Our veterinary nursing team are dedicated to making your pet’s stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Meet Our Vets
Dr Zani Van Rooyen

Zani became a member of the team in August 2017 after moving from Rustenburg, South Africa with her husband and two young daughters. She graduated in 2008 from the University of Pretoria and started her work in a mixed practice.

Zani has encountered and treated an amazing variety of patients in her career including tigers, antelopes, lions, and even once preformed a caesarean section on a marmoset monkey!

Within the veterinary field, Zani enjoys soft tissue surgery and general medicine. She is loving getting to know our regular patients, especially since she had to leave her beloved pets back in South Africa with friends and family.

In her free time, Zani enjoys being in the great outdoors, particularly hiking, swimming and taking in all New Zealand has to offer. She also loves reading and of course, spending time with her wonderful family.  

Dr Alice Finch

Alice has been a part of our veterinarian team since May 2017. She works across all our clinics and enjoys the variation that each clinic brings.

From a young age, Alice wanted to be a veterinarian. She was known to bring home a variety of lost and hurt animals to her parents' farm in Omakau to nurse them back to health. In 2015, she graduated from Massey and has worked in Christchurch as a Vet ever since.

Back on the farm, Alice has an old horse named Napoleon and a cat called Oscar. Within the veterinary field, Alice has a particular interest in performing surgeries and takes pride in her attention to detail. She also loves meeting new clients and getting to know them and their pets. In her spare time, Alice enjoys riding horses and absolutely loves dancing. She dances modern jive competitively and also enjoys a bit of Brazilian Zouk.

Dr Tarryn Muller

Tarryn is originally from South Africa (we are very pleased she made the move here).  She has worked previously in clinics that treat both large and small animals – so she is enjoying the opportunity to focus on small animals now.

Tarryn says that building good relationships with clients is very important to her as it helps to achieve better outcomes for the patients. She also enjoys soft tissue surgery and small animal medicine.

When not hard at work, Tarryn and her husband are normally out and about, tramping, camping, cycling and for a quieter moment settling down with a good book. They share their house with two rescue dogs and a cat ironically named Ninja (the clumsy clogs), Bingo has every breed known to man in his heritage and Titan is a rather nervous lab x who likes to go for runs.

Meet Our Vet Nurses
Lauren Harvey
Practice Manager
Michelle Matt
Vet Nurse

Michelle recently became a qualified Veterinary Nurse after completing her Diploma but she has been working with us since 2016. She has a passion for learning and studying. Michelle has a particular interest in patient, triage, intensive and emergency nursing.

Michelle adores her bunnies and also has a turtle (a red-eared slider). When not working or spending time with her pets she is continuing her professional development or is with her friends and family.

Within the veterinary field, Michelle loves being able to give patients a pleasant experience while they’re in our care by utilising low stress handling and showing them lots of love.

In her spare time, Michelle enjoys taking her family dogs Marley and Max for walks through Bottle Lake Forest and teaching dance aerobics.

Brooke Smith
Vet Nurse

Brooke has been a qualified Diploma Veterinary Nurse for 5 years. She joined the team in 2017. As well as a vet nurse, Brooke also takes care of our Kitty City Hotel Cattery. Brooke has lots of experience as a surgery nurse and is a fantastic receptionist.

Outside of work Brooke loves being outdoors looking after her sister’s Samoyed (Sushi) where they go to the beach. Brooke has a special relationship with Sushi having nursed him when he had fractured his pelvis in two places. She also loves playing board games, watching movies, and getting into the outdoors on day walks.

Ella Dixon
Vet Nurse

Ella began at Ourvets in October 2017, quickly establishing herself as a useful and helpful member of the team. She has a customer service background and is very good at reassuring clients whom are a little overwhelmed. Ella enjoys surgery, with the monitoring and post-surgical care being particular areas of interest for her. When required Ella also helps out in the cattery – she is very good at medicating the unwilling and giving sweet cuddles to all the kitties.

Currently Ella is unable to have pets, however plans are in place for a corgi and a goat, perhaps even a cat or two. She is a keen dancer and is often at practice 3 times or more a week, leaving just enough time for hanging out with friends and family.

Grace Mitchell
Vet Nurse

Grace gained her Diploma in Veterinary Nursing and has been working for Ourvets since early 2018. She is a capable intelligent nurse, whom can always be relied upon to go the extra bit when required. Nursing our hospitalised patients and assisting in surgery are areas she particularly enjoys. 

When not at work Grace is usually at hockey, swimming, water-skiing and hanging out with her friends and family.  Her animal family includes 2 rescue cats, 2 bichons, interestingly Grace used to have a pet pig called Bluebell.